How to Register for both the live and the virtual Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival and,
How to Submit your Performances and Music Scores for Virtual Composition and Guitar Classes:

Before you begin make sure you know, for your local festival:
• the Name of your Local Festival Administrator;
• the email address of your Local Festival Administrator;
• whether you will be paying your own Registration Fees ( by e transfer or cheque)
or your local festival will be paying your Registration Fees.

Also, check the Syllabus of the FMFNS to be certain that you will be meeting the competition requirements
for what you are entering at the Provincial level.

Now that you are ready, go to the website of the Canadian Federation of Music Festivals, 
Click on the Nova Scotia flag, and this will take you to the page where you can begin your
Registration for all live and virtual classes at the Provincial Music Festival.

For Registration, click on the tab that reads: Registration for Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival.
Complete the form that appears very carefully and, when complete, press the SUBMIT button.

Competitors who have registered in a virtual Composition or Guitar Class, and who are ready to submit their recorded performances and their music scores, please go to the button below the Registration one, click on it and follow the instructions very carefully