About the 2024 Festival

The 39th Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival
Takes Place May 31 and June 1, 2024
Mount Allison University
Sackville, NB


Participants are asked to respectfully consider the issue of cultural appropriation
when choosing selections.
“Cultural appropriation applies when cultural borrowings or adaptations
from a minoritized culture reflect, reinforce, or amplify inequalities, stereotypes,
and historically exploitative relationships that have direct negative consequences
on equity-seeking communities.”
Information update | Canada Council for the Arts (follow the second blue link on the website for details)

Chamber Ensemble, Choir, Band, and Orchestra classes
available in the Ensemble Stream [renamed from the Recorded Stream].
These are virtual competitions with adjudication workshops for Chamber Ensembles.
A Conductor Roundtable will be offered for choir, band, and orchestra conductors.
See class descriptions, pages 21-25.

The maximum number of members in a Chamber Ensemble has been
increased to nine [9], with no conductor.

Each member local festival can send a maximum of TWO students per discipline
to the virtual Non-Competitive Education Stream [NCES].

Officers of FMFNS:

Past President
: Kathleen Fuller

: Jessie Parkinson

Provincial Administrator:

Provincial Treasurer
: Leslie Walters

Provincial Registrar
: Ria Kim

Please address all enquiries to:

information coming...