About the Federation of Music Festivals of Nova Scotia

The Federation of Music Festivals of Nova Scotia is a member of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals. In addition, it is an umbrella organization that both represents and supports the work of its seven (7) affiliated local music festivals, and stages a Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival each year.

The FMFNS is committed to encouraging and enabling young musicians to grow and enhance their skills while exploring various forms and styles of music. We aim to promote:
  • the valuing and enjoyment of music as one of the performing arts;
  • excellence in music performance;
  • learning the benefits and fun involved in healthy competition;
  • providing performance opportunities for developing and emerging young musicians; and
  • supporting young musicians with awards, in recognition of outstanding competition performances.

To that end, the FMFNS works with local festivals and teachers to support the development of these aims, and stages an annual amateur Provincial Music Festival. This is a live festival and is staged in different centres in Nova Scotia each year.

Currently, there are three streams for individual/solo performers in Piano, Voice, Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Guitar and Musical Theatre. There are also three streams of competition for Chamber sized groups.

In addition, there are virtual competitions available for Choral, Bands and Orchestra, and three streams of Composer classes. The details about each of these competitions can be found in the current FMFNS Syllabus.

The FMFNS is a volunteer organization that thrives on the hard work of its many supporters and workers. Its funding comes from grants, donations, endowments, advertising, registration and admission fees. We always appreciate YOUR help.